from two to five musicians, choose the best musical recipe for your event

. Nos Formules .

Smooth Jazz for a ceremony or cosy event


Voice & Guitar

or Guitar & Bass*


traditionnal Jazz for a dinner,

a cocktail party for up to 40 guests


Voice or Saxophone, Guitar & Bass 

but also Guitar*, Bass & Drums


spicy Jazz for any kind of event


Voice or Saxophone

Guitar*, Bass & Drums

spicy Jazz for any kind of event


Voice & Saxophone,

Guitar*, Bass & Drums

a Swing themed event for a special surprise


Violon ou Voice, Guitar, Bass & Drums

 + Two Lindy Hop instructors

. FAQ .

*How about a piano player?

Sure!  We are a "Jazz Deli", which means you can pick the musicians you want for your event...that's the cool thing about a collective! 

What can you play exactly? 

We like to spice events up with Swing and Gipsy Jazz (Ella Fitzgerald, Django Reinardht...), Latin Jazz (Bossa Nova, cuban songs) and soul (Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye...). Here is a non exhaustive list.  

Can you play songs on demand?

Sure, with pleasure ! Just let us know at least a month before so that we can prepare them if we have never played them. Likewise, if there is a better moment to play these songs, let's discuss your ideal agenda for the event!

How long does it take for you to set up?

Between half an hour and an hour !

How long does a service last?

Up to 3 hours between the start and end, including breaks - we can add music sets or breaks, let's discuss it together.

With or without a singer/drummer?

It's of course a question of taste. An instrumental band will offer a more discrete atmosphere, and with a drummer it gives the Jazz effect that a lot of people like to get into the mood! A singer will sing songs that people might recognize and sing the lyrics along, which can be either fun or distracting, depending on the effect you are looking for.

Do I need a sound system?

Not at all - we have everything for any event up to 100 people. Beyond, you might consider a professional sound system, we can advise you on that if needed.

Auriez-vous un/une photographe à nous conseiller ?

Oui nous avons l'habitude de travailler avec Camille Huguenot. Elle est bourrée de talents, voici le lien vers son site.

Crayon et bloc-notes